BeDisruptive added to ENISA inventory

  • Being added to this inventory strengthens the company’s position in the European cybersecurity market
  • The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity has a select network of more than 500 members, only 88 of which are based in Spain

Madrid, 22 June 2023. The boutique technology company specialising in cybersecurity, BeDisruptive, has been added to the ENISA inventory. The SOCs owned by the company in Madrid and Rome have been included on the select list drawn up by the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity since 1 June. BeDisruptive has therefore strengthened its position in the European cybersecurity market and confirmed its leading position in the sector.

This inclusion represents another step forward in the company’s strategy to join forums and associations that encompass leading players in the sector after having finalised its inclusion in the FIRST group of international security teams, in TF-CSIRT, in the Spanish National SOCs Network of the National Cryptology Centre and in the Forum.

556 members, 88 in Spain

The ENISA inventory is used as a public directory to raise the profile of computer emergency response teams in each country. At present, ENISA has a total of 556 CSIRT teams. Spain is the country with the most teams on the list (88), followed by the Czech Republic (68), France (57), Germany (53) and Portugal (38).

“Forming part of the ENISA inventory positions us alongside other Spanish and overseas incident response teams and raises our profile with a view to collaborating with both public and private entities across Europe. In fact, ENISA itself will use this inventory to check the availability of these incident response groups whenever a major security event occurs”, said Roberto Lara, SOC Director at BeDisruptive.


BeDisruptive is a boutique technology company that specialises in cybersecurity and helps its clients design solutions and maintain a secure environment. The company has operations in Madrid, Rome and Panama City, and is planning to open in Milan and Washington D.C. soon. BeDisruptive helps to protect its clients’ assets and information, effectively limiting threats and ensuring cybersecurity so they can move ahead with their digital transition towards an unlimited future. The company specialises in such sectors as banking, healthcare, energy and public administration services, offering a team of professionals with more than ten years of experience in cybersecurity and adopting a disruptive approach to provide the most advanced cybersecurity services while adapting cutting-edge solutions and handling every step in the process with a close eye on the details. More information can be found on its website, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

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