BeDisruptive brings Cybersecurity to Maker Faire

  • BeDisruptive, organizes for the first time in Maker Fair an exclusive hub dedicated to information technology security, one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.
  • An enriching schedule of roundtables and workshops from the 20th to the 22nd of October at Pavilion 5 in Rome.

Rome, 16 October 2023 – BeDisruptive, a tech boutique specialized in cybersecurity, will participate as Cybersecurity Expert Partner at Maker Faire, the annual event dedicated to innovation, technology, and creativity, taking place in Rome from the 20th to the 22nd of October 2023. The event will cover all key components of innovation: from digital manufacturing, Internet of Things (IOT), robotics, artificial intelligence, the circular economy, agritech, digital manufacturing, e-sports, big data, aerospace, to
the latest discoveries in the metaverse and augmented reality.

BeDisruptive, one of the emerging leaders in cybersecurity sector in Italy, has found in Maker Fair the opportunity to introduce for the first time in this event an exclusive hub dedicated to information technology security, one of the fastest-growing industries in the world .The presence of BeDisruptive with a 100 sqm stand in Pabillion 5 called Discover which will also include some of its technological partners, such as Palo Alto Networks, Cybersecurity & Data Protection Observatory of the School of Management
of Politecnico di Milano, and Smartfense, reveals a notable advancement in this Italian Cybersecurity network. This initiative aims to promote the culture of information security, with a special emphasis on educating the youth and innovation enthusiasts who understand the importance of secure technological progress.

During the opening day, 20th of October, BeDisruptive will organize a roundtable titled “Actions to Implement a Successful Security Posture for Private and Public Companies: Identify, Protect, and Recover.” The discussion will feature Roberto Provenzano, BeDisruptive’s Country Manager Italy; Alessandro Piva, Director of the Cybersecurity & Data Protection Observatory of the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano; and several representatives from significant Italian critical infrastructures and institutions. Gerardo Costabile, the Scientific Coordinator of Cybersecurity at Maker Faire, will moderate the discussion, focusing on topics such as the trends in cyberattacks in 2022, the evolution of ransomware threats, the primary challenges Italian companies face, and effective strategies to tackle them.

On the 21st of October, we will hold two workshops in the TALK areas of the Fair, conducted by two information security experts from BeDisruptive’s SOC in Rome. Carolina Andrade, a Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst at BeDisruptive, will delve into “Digital Prints,” emphasizing the significance of being aware of our online digital traces and the essential measures to safeguard our devices and privacy. The second workshop, led by Dario Vaccaro, Offensive Security Coordinator at BeDisruptive, will focus on online phishing and fraud prevention. This session will underscore the importance of awareness and caution, especially since 90% of cyberattacks originate from phishing emails.

Throughout the weekend, visitors to BeDisruptive’s stand can attend panels centered on information security. These discussions will encompass topics like innovation and cybersecurity in cloud computing, maintaining a security perimeter in company with fast digitalization, the roles of Security Operation Centers, the necessary skills to become a cyber consultant, the services of Managed Security, the workings of an SOC, Red Team tactics, and phishing techniques. One of Saturday’s sessions, presented by
Cristian Fassi of Smartfense (BeDisruptive’s technological partner), will be titled “Managing Human Risk: Insider or Ally?”. Here, he’ll discuss various strategies for a successful and long-term awareness program, based on the dedication and perception of the cybersecurity leader. This event presents a golden opportunity to gain insights from cybersecurity industry professionals and to discover best practices
in the field.

At the BeDisruptive stand, visitors will be engaged in an interactive game that blends cryptography, manual dexterity, and technology, with the chance to win a prize. The challenge entails decoding a secret to unlock a safe containing an RFID card and the Flipper Zero. Participants must use the Flipper Zero to clone the RFID card. Successfully copying the card will grant them access to a mysterious box housing a coveted prize. What lies within? Everyone is invited to uncover the secret by visiting BeDisruptive at Pavilion 5 and taking on this exhilarating challenge!


BeDisruptive is a boutique technology company that specialises in cybersecurity and helps its clients design solutions and maintain a secure environment. The company has operations in Madrid, Rome and Panama City, and is planning to open in Milan and Washington D.C. soon. BeDisruptive helps to protect its clients’ assets and information, effectively limiting threats and ensuring cybersecurity so they can move ahead with their digital transition towards an unlimited future. The company specialises in such sectors as banking, healthcare, energy and public administration services, offering a team of professionals with more than ten years of experience in cybersecurity and adopting a disruptive approach to provide the most advanced cybersecurity services while adapting cutting-edge solutions and handling every step in the process with a close eye on the details. More information can be found on its website, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

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