BeDisruptive joins FIRST

  • The Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST) is a global body of recognised prestige in the sector that promotes a coordinated, collaborative and preventative response to security incidents.
  • The company’s SOCs in both Madrid and Rome have been included in this forum.
  • Furthermore, INCIBE has included BeDisruptive in its catalogue of cybersecurity companies and solutions, granting it a Spanish seal of quality.

Madrid, 24 May 2023. The boutique technology company specialising in cybersecurity, BeDisruptive, has recently joined the prestigious international group of security teams, FIRST.

This recognition highlights the excellent work being done by the company to adopt proactive measures aimed at reducing risks, identifying threats early and maintaining protected and resilient infrastructure. The two SOCs owned by BeDisruptive in Madrid and Rome now form part of this club.

FIRST is a global leader and one of the top incident response benchmarks in the world. Its goal is to make sure that teams have access to everything they need to respond more effectively and in a coordinated fashion to security incidents, both reactively and proactively. It therefore provides access to the best practices and solutions while promoting fluid communication between its member teams. 

The Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams has been fostering and promoting the development of high-quality security products, policies and services since 1990. FIRST also seeks to share and develop best practices in computer security. A total of 681 cybersecurity teams around the world currently form part of this trusted network. 54 of those are located in Spain and 14 in Italy.

“We are genuinely honoured to be a member of such an internationally important forum as FIRST and thrilled that our work has been recognised in this way. This milestone will enable us to build relations with other SOCs/CSIRTs around the world and contribute towards optimising both the response to cybersecurity incidents and their prevention at public and private organisations”, said Roberto Lara, SOC Director at BeDisruptive.

 INCIBE Catalogue of Companies

BeDisruptive has also been added to the INCIBE catalogue of cybersecurity companies and solutions. A number of requirements must be met in order to be included in this Spanish register because INCIBE is a company that operates under the Spanish Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Digital Transformation. Its goal is to offer benchmark support for the development of cybersecurity and digital confidence among citizens, academia and the research community, professionals, companies and especially strategic sectors.

INCIBE therefore grants a Spanish hallmark of quality to those cybersecurity companies that form part of its catalogue. For BeDisruptive, this milestone underpins its commitment to offering the most effective cybersecurity solutions aimed at protecting its clients’ assets so they can move ahead with their digital transition towards a limitless future. Similarly, inclusion in this catalogue of companies also contributes towards the company’s goal to raise awareness, educate and build a cybersecurity culture throughout Spain.


BeDisruptive is a boutique technology company that specialises in cybersecurity and helps its clients design solutions and maintain a secure environment. With operations in Rome, Madrid and Panama City, as well as in Milan and Washington soon, BeDisruptive helps to protect its clients’ assets and information, effectively limiting threats and ensuring cybersecurity so they can move ahead with their digital transition towards an unlimited future. The company specialises in such sectors as banking, healthcare, energy and public administration services, offering a team of professionals with more than ten years of experience in cybersecurity and adopting a disruptive approach to provide the most advanced cybersecurity services while adapting cutting-edge solutions and handling every step in the process with a close eye on the details. More information can be found on its website, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.

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