BeDisruptive launches Managed SASE, a unique solution offering unified management and full visibility

  • BeDisruptive is alone in offering unified management and full visibility by combining the best security products into a single managed SASE solution without needing to have a single provider.
  • 80% of companies will adopt a strategy to unify the Internet, cloud services and access to private applications via SASE/SSE architecture.

Madrid, 28 June 2023. In today’s digital world, adopting Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture can seem like a major challenge due to the complexity involved. Having a clear and achievable roadmap can therefore simplify this transition enormously. With that in mind, the boutique technology company specialising in cybersecurity, BeDisruptive, has launched Managed SASE, its new managed SASE solution, by adding Managed SSE (Security Service Edge) and DDR (DNS Detection & Response) to its service portfolio. The multinational company has therefore become the only player in the industry to offer unified management and full visibility of access by users to an organisation’s applications and data. This is done by combining the best security products into a single managed SASE solution that can be adapted to the specific security and network requirements of each organisation while keeping a close eye on the details and not needing to have one single provider.

“BeDisruptive is a native SASE company because we integrate our own NOC, SOC and CTI teams into one single multi-disciplinary team from the get-go in order to tackle communications issues, user and endpoint security, and security incident monitoring, detection and response capabilities”, said Alejandro Aliaga, General Co-Director at BeDisruptive.

SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) is a communications security and optimisation approach that combines network security, application delivery optimisation and secure access management features into one single integrated solution in the cloud. This approach has grown in significance over recent years due to the disappearance of traditional security perimeters. According to data from the independent consultancy firm, Gartner, 80% of companies will adopt a strategy to unify Internet browsing, cloud services and access to private applications via SASE/SSE architecture. That would mean this market is expected to grow exponentially and be worth some 15 billion dollars by 2025, according to its predictions.

The new Managed SASE solution from BeDisruptive enables an SSE/SASE platform to be implemented and managed without needing to have one single provider. The platform is deployed in the cloud and integrated with existing solutions operated by the client, whether they be SaaS, PaaS, etc. This will let organisations take a big step towards security in access to their cloud-based resources and let them apply security policies that are aligned with their business model, as well as increase visibility and flexibility thanks to the centralised management of these solutions.

The advantages of Managed SASE

The solutions available with BeDisruptive Managed SASE can be deployed in an entirely modular fashion, meaning that organisations need only adopt those that fulfil certain specific requirements. The advantages to be gained from this new managed SASE solution include:

  • Flexibility: enabling direct access to the network or cloud from any location, facilitating the adoption of new digital business models.
  • Cost savings: removing the need for investments in fixed assets (CapEx) to build local infrastructure and offering lower and predictable operating costs (OpEx) thanks to its Security as a Service model.
  • Reduced complexity: the consolidation of services into one cloud-based model eliminates the complex variety of isolated legacy solutions and simplifies operational effort.
  • Improved performance: improving and accelerating access to Internet resources via a global network infrastructure that is optimised for low latency, high capacity and high availability.
  • Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA): providing secure and contextual access to private applications in public and private cloud environments.
  • Protection against threats: stopping web and cloud attacks, such as phishing, malware, ransomware and malicious internal activities.
  • Data protection: protecting data wherever they are, both within and beyond the organisation, including public cloud environments, as well as within personal and corporate cloud application instances.
  • Centralised management: centralised management and policy application reduces the potential mistakes and inconsistencies that can be exploited by cybercriminals.

“We know that implementing a complete SASE architecture is a multi-step process that will always be different for each organisation. That’s why BeDisruptive offers the easy implementation and administration that any kind of organisation needs while keeping a close eye on the details so that they can adopt a new SASE position while improving the user experience”, said Alejandro Aliaga, General Co-Director at BeDisruptive.


BeDisruptive is a boutique technology company that specialises in cybersecurity and helps its clients design solutions and maintain a secure environment. The company has operations in Madrid, Rome and Panama City, and is planning to open in Milan and Washington D.C. soon. BeDisruptive helps to protect its clients’ assets and information, effectively limiting threats and ensuring cybersecurity so they can move ahead with their digital transition towards an unlimited future. The company specialises in such sectors as banking, healthcare, energy and public administration services, offering a team of professionals with more than ten years of experience in cybersecurity and adopting a disruptive approach to provide the most advanced cybersecurity services while adapting cutting-edge solutions and handling every step in the process with a close eye on the details. More information can be found on its website, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

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